How hardcore a Kiteboarder are you?

How hardcore a Kiteboarder are you?

I stumbled across a couple of videos yesterday of guys kiting in sub-zero temperatures, and it took me back to a story of my own….. Several months ago I was kiting in New York with a couple of friends in the middle of winter, my kite crashed, I wasn’t able to relaunch it, and I had to swim/get dragged in by a friend because I could no longer swim due to my body freezing up and muscles going rigid.

These guys, however, take kiteboarding in the cold to a whole new level compared to the weather and water temperatures I was in in New York… you must be pretty determined to want to kite in such freezing cold temperatures or have giant man parts! Enjoy these 3 short kiteboarding films. You can’t help but be impressed.

License to chill – Featuring Stig Hoefnagel & Bram Fauth

Naish Kiteboarding TV – Grinding Ice – Alaska

Valhalla – Heading far up north

It sure does make you feel grateful for being able to kiteboard in temperatures where you can wear a shorty in summer and a meager 4/3mm wetsuit in winter!

What is the coldest temperature you’ve kited in before?? Pop us a comment and share your adventures in the comment box below!

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