The Beginning of Kite Route

The Beginning of Kite Route

Let me start at the beginning… My name is Blair and I’m a Kiteboarder {insert AA meeting hello here}.
Growing up in a beach going/surfing family in Cape Town, South Africa it was only a matter of time before my Kiteboarding passion kicked off. I started back in 2013 and this is how it all unfolded!
One day I was out surfing and I came off the water a saw a couple of guys inflating their kites in the parking lot, I was rather intrigued and flying sports kites most of my life I rushed home to Google kitesurfing and Kiteboarding. After doing a bit of research on the net I decided to buy some gear {gumtree quickly became my new addiction} I found a guy selling a Cabrinha C02 Dart - Kiteroute2003 Cabrinha Black Tip 9M in Blue and I found a Dakine Seated harness, I was set… well not really but anyhow.

I wanted to go for lessons but after blowing R6,000 my budget wasn’t looking to healthy and I still needed a board, so I decided to youtube “how to kiteboard” and I came across the Progression Kiteboarding videos. Well I spent a couple nights watching the beginner videos and finally plucked up the courage to try setup my kite and attempt to fly it, one weekend I called up a friend to come help me and seal my fate as a kiteboarder… well! So, we went down to a soccer field down the road from my house, pumped the kite, ran the lines jumped into my seated harness, and gave my friend the lowdown on how to hold the kite and the signal I for when I was ready… So, I ran over to the bar hooked myself in and before I knew it my friend had turned the kite around and threw it straight up into the wind window {clearly, he hadn’t listened to my instructions} and I went FLYING on a 9m in what I remember to have been about 20+- knots. I Crashed so hard and was dragged a good couple meters before I could deploy. Shacking and pretty scared I decided today wasn’t my day and packed up.. a few weeks later the wind was roughly 14knots and I had watched a few more youtube videos I decided that I would give it another go but this time I had spent the entire week learning about self launching. Determined as ever I self launched and flew the kite on the field for a good hour, and did this for a couple weeks getting my controls waxed. After getting the controls waxed, I found a board on Gumtree {like I said, gumtree quickly became my favourite website}. My Family has a holiday house in Fisher Haven which banks on the Botriver, so one weekend I headed down with my new board and totally skipped the body dragging steps and got straight into water starts, it wasn’t a complete fail.. but it took almost the entire day to actually stand up, persistent as hell I managed to eventually get riding the following day when the wind had actually picked up to decent riding conditions. I WAS TOTALLY HOOKED!!!

Let’s fast-forward a couple year, 2016 I had become a seasoned rider and have been on a couple of kiteboarding specific holidays such a Mozambique, Durban, Zanzibar, Langebaan, New York and Lake Malawi. After traveling to a few Kiteboarding spots I have realised that as a Kiteboarder there are not many websites that offer information about kiteboarding shops or kiting spots for specific locations, I quickly figured I’d be that guy to put my web development skills to good use and give back to the kiting community in a way of developing a platform for kite schools and kiteboarding shops to promoted their businesses to kiteboarders in hope to grow the sport that we all love so much.

The goal for Kite Route is to become a one stop website for kiteboarders that are looking to travel to different kiteboarding locations around the world and give them enough information to figure out which spots they want to visit and where they can find kite shops close by to their kiting location.

About Mr Kite Route

I've grown up fly kites my entire life, I started Kiteboarding in 2013 and my love for the sport rapidly evolved. I've built my lifestyle around Kiteboarding and Kite Route has become one of my ways of giving back to the Kiteboarding Community.